Growing competence, capability and confidence as a collective.

Transform organisational culture and outputs with group learning that gets to the heart of the matter.

Harrowfield exists to help teams hungry to grow, no matter the make up – rookie leaders or seasoned pros. Lifting people-to-people capability means lifting organisational performance.  And the experience itself can enrich the journey.

Show your people what you see in them with a targeted development process.

What is involved:

  • Pre-work to warm up to the topic at hand
  • Intensive team workshop-based training sessions with coaching support to embed new skills
  • Facilitation provided by encouraging and supportive subject-matter and people experts
  • Short surveys to measure outcomes

What topics do you provide training in?

What is the process to get underway?

Equip with capability, building up competence.

What does Harrowfield group training achieve?

  • Develop collective commitment to new ways of working: Initiate accountability and expectations that develop from the learning.
  • Drive team collaboration: Use session teamwork to share learning insights and increase unity, mitigating unnecessary conflict and lifting team cohesion.
  • Improve employee performance: Hone essential skills to increase efficiency and productivity, and improve relationships.
  • Enhance leadership capability: Activate skills that inspire teams and will ultimately lift employee engagement, lead to higher commitment levels and reduce the need for HR interventions, saving the business valuable time and unnecessary cost.
  • Build effective interpersonal communication: Prevent misunderstandings and strengthen relationships across your business ecosystem.
  • Align with Organisational Goals: Ensure that the team’s learning efforts are consistently directed toward achieving mission critical objectives.

Our team learning process:

Depending on the brief, our approach includes a combination of the following:

  1. Collaborative game plan: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We work closely with you to create a tailored team learning strategy that aligns with your unique business goals and needs.
  2. Organisational readiness for learning: To ensure a seamless transition, we provide onboarding and training for those who are leading and/or organising the learning journey, so that they can prepare your team for the transformative journey ahead and make the most of your investment.
  3. Assessment: Where appropriate, we assess your team’s current competency levels to adapt our training with relevant personality and/or other psychometric  assessments for an objective review of capabilities and growth in self-awareness.
  4. Knowledge transfer: Through engaging workshops and group coaching, we transfer valuable knowledge and skills directly to your team members.
  5. Behavioural reinforcement: Learning doesn’t stop with training sessions. We offer ongoing support and resources to reinforce and sustain the knowledge acquired.
  6. Personal accountability: Our programmes empower individuals to take ownership of their personal growth and development. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation.

Invest in your team’s future and watch your business thrive. 

Choose Harrowfield’s group training to unlock collective competency and build team cohesion.  Contact us today to take the first step.

Some handy info to know

  • All projects are costed and delivered to agreed budgets
  • Content is delivered in 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour sessions
  • Content is delivered in-person or virtual
  • Coaching is recommended to embed learnings and troubleshoot barriers
  • Recordings of learning sessions can be provided at additional cost
  • Session insights, outtakes and committed outcomes report can be provided at additional cost
  • Where appropriate, participants are surveyed pre-training, immediately post training and 3-6 months post training to measure behavioural and cultural outcomes.
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Ready to grow competence in your team?

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