Assessment. Insights for self-awareness and change.

Assessment creates a baseline for self-awareness and becomes a catalyst for growth, by helping everyday leaders, individuals and teams to understand themselves and each other.

Psychometric assessments such as ability and personality tests provide powerful insights to support and enhance candidate selection, individual development, team development and career planning.   Harrowfield People Development has a range of options to support different organisational needs.

What can you expect?

  • Determine growth potential and support your people’s development by identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Test role candidates for specific skills, competencies and behaviours
  • Support career development by identifying personal motivations, values and drivers
  • Use assessment to understand your team make up, identifying collective strengths and gaps in thinking and focus
  • Leverage feedback to understand your reputation as a leader and where the strengths and weaknesses lie in your leadership style

How does assessment work?

We’ll start by talking about your ideal outcomes and what types of insights will serve your organisation’s goals.

You or your team will then complete our recommended online assessments.

Then, we’ll get together with you to debrief the results with our qualified and experienced organisational psychologist. You’ll also receive a written report highlighting key insights and recommended action points.

Who oversees the assessments?

All assessments are overseen by Ruth Harrowfield, co-founder and in-house organisational psychologist at Harrowfield People Development.

Ruth is a registered psychologist with the NZ Psychologists Board and undertakes regular supervision to maintain the professional and ethical standards required of the profession, according to the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.

She holds the following qualifications: BA/BSc, MSc (Hons), Diploma Science (Clinical Psychology), Diploma I/O Psychology

We primarily provide assessments that support candidate selection, individual development, team development and career planning.

Candidate selection

  • Psychometric tests contribute to the recruitment process by providing an objective assessment of an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses

Individual development

  • 360 surveys, personality and psychometric assessments enable people and their leaders to determine where growth opportunities exist that will benefit both the individual and the organisation

Team development

Career planning

  • Career assessments support team members to objectively identify their personal values, drivers and motivations. This enables them to craft a pathway that can provide fulfilment for now and direction for the future
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