Coaching. Grow your business capabilities.

The answer to why you may be stuck or what to do next is inside you — you just need a little help to find it. Coaching with Harrowfield will draw the options out and enable you to identify your next move, no matter your role – CEO, team leader, or individual contributor.

Figure out what is holding you back or holding you up from getting to the things that count.

Whether it’s a practical concern or a major strategic decision, finding clarity and answers can be hard when you’re busy with daily work activities.

Coaching provides a sounding board and specific tactics to help you better use your most powerful tool: the way you think.

We all need a little help to get unstuck, Harrowfield’s expert coaches can provide the space and skills you need to move forward.

What can you expect?

  • Partner with a seasoned and qualified coaching professional
  • Follow a coaching process that works for you and your situation
  • Find clarity in your thinking and make progress
  • Commit to a set number of coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals
  • One-on-one or team coaching

What’s this coaching business?

Coaching is asking the right questions to help teams and individuals gain awareness and reach conclusions you can own and action.

People come to coaching for a variety of reasons. You may want:

  • An external sounding board to challenge your thinking
  • Help moving forward in professional development or project goals
  • To work through and resolve work-related decisions or problems
  • To change something about the way you work/communicate with others

We recommend you start with a 90-minute session so we can get to know you, unpack where you’re at and set some goals. We’ll then agree on a number of sessions to work together on strategies to achieve your goals.

Coaching is often a follow up to one of our training initiatives. It’s one thing to learn new skills, it’s another thing entirely to put them into practice in your everyday work life.

My boss has offered me coaching.  Do you tell them what we talk about in sessions?

All coaching is confidential.  We do not share any information with your manager/employer.  If appropriate, we may encourage you to share what you need to with them so that you can keep growing in your capability and confidence.


Can I just get coaching or is it tied into training? 

Yes you can.  Coaching with one of our team is effective to help you to achieve a goal, to help you tackle a problem or to help you find new ways forward where you are stuck. In some instances, clients will add coaching to their training plan to help make sure their newly acquired skills come to fruition!


Can I meet my coach before I get started?

Absolutely. We recommend spending a little time getting to know each other before any coaching engagement kicks off. We can take 30 mins to discuss what you are hoping to achieve from the coaching, work out the format, and how many sessions you might need.


Do you offer packages?

We don’t offer set packages because everyone is different. We work with each client individually to create a plan that is fit for purpose and suits them.


How do I book in? 

Contact us and we’ll help you select a coach that will suit you and your needs best. 

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