Encouraging the best in you and your team.

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We help create businesses that hum.

This comes from happy, confident people bringing their best self to work, every single day.

Everyone has a personality, even your business.  We help you to understand each person and the team as a whole, drawing out their strengths and easing the tension points.

Sound good?

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We live for that light-bulb moment

That moment when someone in your team goes, “Oh, I get it now.” They’ve realised something about themselves: what makes them tick, or how they can better communicate with the team, overcome a sticking point, or organise their work in a more productive way.

It’s all about helping people become great versions of themselves and collaborate as a high-performing team.

Meet the team


Organisational Psychologist
BA/BSc, MSc Hons, PGDip I/O Psych, PGDip Science (Cl. Psych)

Ruth is a registered organisational psychologist who partners with leaders and business owners to get the best out of their people. Working in organisational development for 20 years, she has built a track record of success with NZ and global entities across private, public and non-profit sectors. 

She is an expert people strategist, skilled in leadership development, team dynamics, facilitation, coaching, assessment and training. Ruth motivates and empowers people to develop self-awareness and understanding of others, grow their strengths, and collaborate effectively and authentically.

Ruth is a member of the LDC Coaching Panel in association with Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission.


Managing Director
Bachelor of Communication

Sam has 25 years of experience and proven success in sales and business growth across private and non-profit sectors.  His strong sales performance comes from a deep understanding of customer behaviour and the sales infrastructure needed to reach business goals. 

He is a polished, energetic and engaging communicator who brings creative solutions to training and development.  Sam understands organisational drivers, dynamics and behaviours.  His practical approach to client solutions  resonates with leaders, teams and individuals and can be readily applied in the workplace.

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