One on One learning for personalised and targeted growth

We specialise in transformational one-on-one training and development, helping you craft individual team members into their best selves.

Learning and Coaching

Not everyone needs the same degree of investment in time, focus and energy.

We are here for leaders in businesses who see untapped potential in their team members and recognise the need for targeted growth to propel their key individuals forward.

Give the opportunities that people in your team desire with comprehensive and impactful learning and coaching.

What is involved?

  • Pre-work to warm up on the topic at hand
  • 2-hour intensive training sessions with coaching support to embed new skills
  • Partnering with an encouraging and supportive subject-matter expert from Harrowfield
  • Short surveys to measure outcomes

What topics do you provide training in?

What does Harrowfield one-on-one training achieve?

  • One on one trainingEliminate barriers to growth and productivity: Discover and overcome the obstacles holding you or your team member back from reaching their full potential.
  • Demonstrate commitment to developing your key people: Show your dedication to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth within your organisation.
  • Troubleshoot limitations to developing new skills and behaviours: Address skill gaps and behavioural challenges in a confidential and supportive environment.
  • Enable highly personalised interactions: Engage in conversations that focus on individual needs, career aspirations, and learning goals with immediate practical application.
  • Identify and mitigate negative influences on output: Pinpoint and neutralise factors that hinder productivity, allowing your team member to thrive.

Our 1-1 learning process includes:

  1. Collaborating on a game plan with the business and the individual to address specific gaps in their capability.
  2. Conducting an initial coaching session to determine specific development goals
  3. Craft a clear game plan personalised to your preferred time frames and budget.
  4. Completing any relevant personality and/or other psychometric  assessments for an objective review of capabilities and growth in self-awareness.
  5. Embarking on a bespoke development program enabling individuals to express their authenticity, build confidence, be connected, and become more successful/effective in their work.

Want to kick things off?  Choose Harrowfield’s 1-1 training to unlock potential, address limitations and build confidence. Contact us today to take the first step.

Did You Know?

Most team members who frustrate their leaders are not beyond help. It’s more cost-effective to invest in their development than to replace them.  Save a substantial fraction of the cost and time of hiring and onboarding a new team member by unlocking the potential of those you already know and who already know your organisation.

Ready to embark on a journey of growth and transformation? A first simple  step is to book an initial complimentary consultation.  

How does an engagement work?

  • Content delivered in 2-hour sessions
  • Content delivered in-person or virtual
  • Each topic agreed upon is covered in 1 – 3 sessions 
  • Coaching recommended to embed learnings and troubleshoot barriers
  • Leadership support from Harrowfield to help drive change (whilst respecting participant privacy)

I’m not sure I want to offer development to someone because their baseline performance is not where it needs to be.  What should I do?

Pick the most pressing concern you have and give the team member factual feedback on behaviour that you want to see change in. If you’re both stuck on what achieving change looks like, then let’s chat.  If you’re not sure how to give the key feedback, best give us a ring and we can talk through a game plan to get the process underway.  Check this blog out for further inspiration.

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Do you believe in your people?

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