Training to overcome performance barriers and optimise potential.

Create capability and increase confidence with workplace learning workshops created for your business, backed by science and delivered by organisational psychologists and subject matter experts.

What can you expect?

  • People skills for the workplace: Grow interpersonal competence that compliments the technical capability businesses primarily hire for. 
  • On point: Well researched, targeted and relevant learning content to meet your specific business needs
  • Experienced people specialists: Delivery from organisational psychologists, behavioural science and subject matter experts
  • Learning that lives: Practical tools that you can take and use immediately
  • Results: Outcomes focussed delivery that leads to tangible behaviour change

What are Harrowfield Learning Experiences?

There are training courses that involve muffins and a one-way, off-the-shelf spiel. And then there are learning workshops that truly grow your ability to lead, serve, sell and collaborate with others in your working world.

Training is a process, not an event.

If your people require support to improve communication or form new behaviours, we want to know about it!  We’ll unpack the challenges and opportunities and create training experiences that enable new skills to stick.

We’ll start with a briefing session that identifies your business needs so we can create a programme that will work for you. You’ll end with a shift in the culture of your organisation and tangible results.

Can I book myself, an individual or a team in for a one-off training? 

Yes you can.  What is most important is that you know why you want the development, and what you plan to do with the skills once you have them.  We recommend a little coaching, especially after attending a leadership course, to help embed the learnings and stay accountable to put them into practice. Give us a holler and we can talk about the best approach for you and your people.


What types of learning content do you offer? 

We cover topics like leadership development, management training, interpersonal communication skills, building trust, delegation, demonstrating empathy and vulnerability, sales development and customer experience, time management, managing remote teams, to name a few.  See the list above.  All our delivery is tailored to suit different industries and organisational needs.  


Are your coaches and trainers qualified and experienced?

Yes, all our people are highly qualified, and possess the right experience in their respective fields – a mixture of subject matter experts and organisational psychologists.  


Can you customise development programes for our specific needs?

All our training and development work is customised.  We understand that every organisation is unique – with different leadership strengths and weaknesses.  Harrowfield tailor our programmes to address your specific capability and cultural challenges and to help you meet your organisational objectives.


How long are your training sessions?

The duration of our training sessions varies based on the program and your requirements. We offer options for quarter-day, half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops.


Do you offer online/virtual training options? 

Yes, we provide virtual training solutions that enable remote learning and engagement, allowing teams from different locations to participate and seamlessly.  Interaction is a key element to our delivery and people have to get involved in discussions, exercices and breakout rooms. 


What sets you apart from others? 

We are keen on helping you to see behaviour change. With our expertise in organisational psychology we know the science of people in the workplace.  Clients come to us because they either have good people dynamics that they want to improve, or not-so-good dynamics that need to change. We take a solutions based approach, not a one-size-fits-all.  


Can you accommodate large groups or individual coaching? 

Yes, we can accommodate both large groups and individual coaching sessions. Our team is well-equipped to handle various training scenarios.  We’ll work with you to determine the best format. 


What is your pricing structure? 

Our pricing varies based on the scale and complexity of the development required and the outcomes you want. We can provide you with a tailored plan after understanding your specific people, organisational and cultural needs.

What topics do you provide training in?

We cover any subject that involves you and your team’s thinking, communication and action in a workplace context.  Instead of a one-way delivery, we will workshop concepts with your people and get all participants engaged – we’re happy to debate the ideas – anything to help people embrace new ways of working.

We’ll lend our insights and expertise to the unique challenges that get shared across the time together, and coach participants to move forward. Like you, we want outcomes and results from the investment you make!

Our core strength is teaching and imparting people skills for the workplace. We get there by showing ways to overcome obstacles. 

One-on-one learning

Targeted development to lift individual  performance and grow confidence.

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Team/Group learning

Engaging workshops to upskill specific cohorts and drive organisational behaviour change.

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